If you have ever hosted a business event and found that it did not generate the business you expected or that your team was not as motivated as you hoped from it, it could be that you did not do something right after the event ended. So to help avoid these possible issues in the future, here are 4 things to do to after the event to ensure its success.

Follow up with Prospects – If you hosted an event in the hopes of generating new business, it is imperative to follow up with any potential prospects or existing clients to see if they are interested in moving forward on whatever you presented. Collecting names, phone numbers, and email addresses will do little if you don’t use them to follow up.

Solicit Feedback – Speak to clients, employees, the staff at the venue, and anyone else who might have been present to see if the event went as well as you had hoped. This will help to ensure future events will be successful, while also giving you the opportunity to clear up any mistakes or issues which might have occurred that you were not aware of. In the event there was a problem, by soliciting feedback, you might just save a sale.

Thank Partners and Team – Whoever helped you to pull this off deserves thanks and recognition. If you had a team of employees help with preparing for and hosting the event, be sure to thank them. If a third party company helped split the costs of hosting, make sure to recognize that. Following up after the fact to thank those who helped you will show your thanks is genuine and will go a long way toward ensuring those individuals will continue to want to be involved.

Follow Through on Commitments – If, during the event, you committed to something, be sure to do it! Whether said one-on-one with a client or to the whole group, do not forget to actually follow through. If this was an event to thank your staff, and you promise to review a policy or grant additional time-off, then do it. If you spoke with a client and said you would reevaluate a contract, be sure to actually look it over. People will quickly sour on you and anything you were trying to accomplish with the event if you fail to do what you say you will.

By following these 4 tips after your business event, you will likely find better results and more positive feedback.

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